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Not Your First
Not anyone's
I wasn't yours
You'd rather other men
for love and
I wasn't yours
You'd rather the cold and
empty loneliness, locked up
in your room
For days on end
I'm not yours
You're too hard, don't love anyone
else, but yourself
I'm not yours
Your dad is too important,
family comes first
I'm not yours
You love your boyfriend more than
anybody else
You live in your own family
I'm not number 1 to anyone
Never was, never will be
...I just wish I was important...
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 0
Trapped in a room
Tornado ripping through the
contents, swirling about
There are no doors
No windows
No sunlight
Just me
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 0
What's the point in
holding on?
Life is hell
Heartbreak after heartbreak
I've felt all different kinds
of pain
Suffered all different kinds
of loss
am I
Walking on a tightrope
Day after day
Night after night
It's not worth it
I only try to do good
Be nice
What's the problem?
I am, I guess
I'm just going to
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 0
These secrets keep me
hiding in the
These secrets keep me
squirming in
These secrets keep me
wishing someone
Wishing they would save
These secrets are slowly
eating away at
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 1 1
Time Stands Still
Time stands still when I'm
The silence is deafening
The voices, screaming
My heart, hammering
Palms sweating
Time stands still when I'm
Desperately wanting to get
out of my own head
Fearing it
and all it's capable of
Wishing someone was here
So their soft, calm heartbeat would
lull me to sleep
The blackness is too much
It's burden too heavy.
Times stands still when I'm
and alone, I shall forever
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 1
Taking Blows
Just keep hitting
Pushing me further into
the ground with each
blow you take
I'm a person
Worth listening to
I mean something...
I hope?
I need to feel like I'm
worth it
To someone, anyone
I'm screaming
Trying to make you
But you keep delivering
Countless blows
My face is bruised
My heart is bleeding
Why won't anyone listen to
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 1
I don't see the
In being with me
Up and down
Around and around
Is all you're getting
What's the appeal?
In being with me
You're better off
With someone who is
Someone who is worth it
I don't see the
In being with me
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 1
I don't want to
I don't want you to
I'm frightened
Of being alone
And I'm scared
Of this feeling
This feeling I can't
I can't be alone
For a minute
Without panicking.
I want to love you,
for you
I want to be normal
To be able to see you,
and then be able to be
away from you
I feel so alone
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 1
It's hard to get to know
And have them see the real
They may not like
They may despise
They may discard you
Like you're some broken
glass, tossed out into the
It's hard when they're mad at
Or disgusted by you
It's hard knowing that you're
never going to be good enough
for anyone
Because of your plagues
It's hard knowing that you try
so fucking hard
To repress it
To help them instead
To love them instead
Of loving your disease
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 1 0
Day and Night
I feel like my day is really
my night
I feel like I'm running towards
something that is out of my
I feel like what I'm fighting for,
isn't worth it, at all
I feel like I'm making an unnecessary
I feel like this isn't what I thought
it was
Trying to see the good in it all,
trying to find the cause
Maybe this isn't what I wished it
would be
I hope there's someway you
could see
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 0
You Don't Need to See
You don't need to see this face
Cry the tears of a rotten
You don't need to see
All the ruin that is
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 0
I never thought I could lose
This rock that I was leaning
so heavily on
Was really just a fragile shard
of glass,
Shattering unexpectedly
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 0 0
I just want this emptiness
to be filled
I don't want to be here
But I'm terrified
Of what I may
What was created here?
What was defined?
I'm always trying to
Always trying to
This place is poison
This place is despair
Will somebody tell me why I'm so
Nowhere to run,
Nowhere to hide
I'm sick of this depression,
I just want to
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 1 1
I can't do this to myself
My heart is already attached
Stitched to yours
Thoughts directed at you
every minute
Wishing I was in your arms
I don't want to scare
I've done it before
I don't want to fuse
Only to have you rip
apart from me
In disgust
In loathing
I want to have you
Keep you
I just don't want you to
leave me
Like everyone else
What can I believe?
People say they will never
But in the end, their words
are nothing but empty
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 2 1
I don't know what
I'd do without
Even leaving you for
what I know is not
Sets my heart on
I am safe with
and you know me better
than anyone
This feeling, this
Only grows stronger,
almost impossible to bear
When we're apart
It sends knives through
my heart
'Cause to be with you
Is a work of
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 2 3
Words Unspoken
Watching you
I tear up inside
When there's nothing to
say to you in
I keep it all in my
I freeze
Knowing it's not
To keep you in the
But I can't help it
I just need that
To say what's on my
It's killing me
:iconstarkathebroken:StarkaTheBroken 6 1


9 by VarshaVijayan 9 :iconvarshavijayan:VarshaVijayan 249 43
Apples (Female Reader x Natasha Romanoff)
Female Reader x Natasha Romanoff
(Y/N) rolled her shoulders as she walked into the kitchen in Avenger's Tower. Her bangs were wet and sticking to her forehead from sweat and her muscles ached slightly from her training exercises.
Grabbing an apple from the counter she ignored Clint's questioning and swung herself up onto the counter. Leaning against the cabinets (Y/N) took a bite of the apple and revelled in the sweet juice that dribbled down her chin.
She was so enthralled in the apple that she didn't notice Natasha come up beside her. "What a mess," Natasha drawled reaching up to grab (Y/N)'s chin and lick the trail of juice that led to her neck. She stopped just bellow (Y/N)'s bottom lip and pulled back, smirking at the low growl the other emitted.
"Nat," (Y/N) whined, setting the apple down beside her leg. "You're such a tease!"
Natasha smirked. She truly loved teasing her girlfriend, even if the had an audience. Tony was especially bad, he'd all but drool on himself as he w
:iconthekrystalcat:TheKrystalCat 64 1
Avengers Chatroom - 1 (Avengers x Reader)
(y/n) has logged on.
(y/n) has started a chatroom.
Tony has logged on.
Steve has logged on.
Bruce has logged on.
Thor has logged on.
Natasha has logged on.
Clint has logged on.
Loki has logged on.
Tony: Ugh this meeting is so boring!
(y/n): Oh my gosh I know :(
Steve: Really? We should be paying attention instead of texting under the table.
Tony: I'm a rebel.
Bruce: *facepalm*
Thor: I do not understand. What does 'facepalm' mean?
Clint: *facepalm*
(y/n): *facepalm*
Thor: I am being serious.
Tony: *facepalm*
Loki: LOL :D
(y/n): You think that's funny Loki? Wait till I tell him this...
Thor: What?
(y/n): Thor, I ate all your strawberry poptarts.
Thor: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Tony: Dammit Thor, you yelled that out loud! Now they know we're texting!
Natasha: Phil's looking at us!
Clint: I think he's going to log on!
Tony: Quick, fill the chat up with something stupid so they won't stay and read this!
Phil has logged on.
:iconsimplyelementary:SimplyElementary 522 104
Avengers x Reader - Chat Room ERVERNGERS [One]
(Admin.) Tony Has created the chat room 'ERVERNGERS'
(User) Steve has joined
(User) Natasha has joined

(Admin.) Tony: BOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo
Steve: ...?
Natasha: What
(Admin.) Tony: I start a chat room nd the first person to join is the old man
Steve: And straight away he insults me.
(Admin.) Tony: and*
Steve: Then he wonders why I've stopped attempting to have a civil conversation with him.
(Admin.) Tony: that's cuz ur boring and they pulled ur ass outta the snow from years ago
Natasha: and that gets him insulted because??
(Admin.) Tony: hes old
(Admin.) Tony: that warrants teasing
(Admin.) Tony: god pay attention black widow ur losing ur cunningness
Natasha: ...
(User) [y/n] has joined
(Admin.) Tony: OMFG
(Admin.) Tony: A FUN PERSON
(Admin.) Tony: HI
[y/n]: TONYYYYyyyyyyYYYYY
Steve: Hello [y/n]!
Natasha: He
:iconaphy-taffy:Aphy-Taffy 337 108
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader Secrets
Request for Rachel Wolfe
A/N: This reader is a girl. The storyline kinda has to have a girl reader, and it’s easier for me to write.
Secrets are hard, whether it’s a deep and personal secret, the kind that you don’t want anyone to ever know, or a unique secret, the kind that you desperately want to get off your chest but can’t for fear of a bad reaction.
Secrets about one’s sexual orientation can be the most difficult to assess and deal with. After deciding that one is homosexual or bisexual, or anything in-between, one may confidently inform their friends and family of their discovery, or shyly hide it away for fear of rejection.
Such a secret was the one you carried around with you every day. You preferred the attention of females, and you didn’t dare tell your family. Your parents were religious nuts who believed that homosexuality was wrong, and while your siblings weren’t as religious, they didn
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 70 3
Mature content
Cerberus {Natasha/Reader} (Liability Spin-Off) :iconmikinataka:mikinataka 28 2
Green angel by sandara Green angel :iconsandara:sandara 11,158 457 Quicksilver - X-Men by VarshaVijayan Quicksilver - X-Men :iconvarshavijayan:VarshaVijayan 154 12 Bill Cipher Stamp by Littel-Gerll Bill Cipher Stamp :iconlittel-gerll:Littel-Gerll 514 74 Abstract Owl Watercolor Drawing by AtomiccircuS Abstract Owl Watercolor Drawing :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 3,783 155 Kill Bill 1 by jusscope Kill Bill 1 :iconjusscope:jusscope 242 16 Faith Eliza Dushku Painting by frostdusk Faith Eliza Dushku Painting :iconfrostdusk:frostdusk 142 25
I love you is not enough
with every breath that i take in
i swear on every inch of my lungs
i'm with you;
its okay to need each other,
thats what makes us strong,
thats what makes us human,
and right now, the only thing that i'm really sure about
is that; i love you.
if i could tell you one thing, then id tell you everything. i would, for you.
id probably say that youve been on my mind since we first held hands,  
talking to others to play off all the butterflies i had inside. that id never admit to.
and now i think that you should know,
that youve got everything that ive wanted for so damn long.
i cant forget you, not ever, my darling'
i know you want me to want you,
i want to.. but i'm scared. to want. to have. and to hold you.
and a thousand times a day i'll tell you i love the way you sing,
even though it makes me cry, for your voice is beautiful,
and can stand alone on a stage of many.
its my favorite time to be alive,
and all i know is i feel lost without you; "i miss you" is not enough..
but i
:iconrebeccaruins:RebeccaRuins 2 0
Broken isin't beautiful,
You can't love me, ever. My darling, I'm broken… Somewhere deep inside of me, no doctors, no fancy machines could ever spy this. It's etched into my bones, a fatal strand in my DNA.
I am broken, and you cannot fix me. No my love, your needles, your thread, nor your medication can mend my illness. My disease, this sickness that breaks me.
I am damaged goods; I am the girl you shouldn't have wasted more than a second on. My baby, you should care for, shouldn't fall in love with someone who is infected...
Oh, I will be my own death, continuing on this way. This, my biggest flaw, my self destruction, the need to destroy myself so that you can't.
Do you know what it's like to be trapped? Desperately trapped. No hope of escaping. You have no room to breathe, you cannot fill your lungs, and you only need one chance, all you want is to break free…  
I have a problem with letting go of my past; I cling to it in the hopes of holding on to the ones I loved. That I lost. I fear
:iconrebeccaruins:RebeccaRuins 1 10
A New Year
An Old Years flame
Dimes and dies
As the New Years fire
Starts up in the skys
Fireworks spark and flare
As if to be dancing
With the stars in the air
I just wish I could be dancing with you
Under the light of this New Years moon
Although the Moon may be bright  
Nothing to me is brighter
Then your beautiful eyes
So happy New Year to you dear
Just remember I'm always here
Well at least for just another
:iconskylerthephoenix:SkylerthePhoenix 2 0
I'm just so tired of this endless waiting
Waiting, waiting, waiting
When I don't know what I'm waiting for
I feel like I'll always be waiting to win this war
I don't know when this began
I think it started in a dream
And now I'm bursting
Ripping at the seams
I feel numb in the waking world
It's like I'm watching; this life isn't mine
And I can help but feel
That I'm running out of time
I'm asleep, asleep, sleeping
Swallowed by the secrets that I'm keeping
I feel like I'm ending
I'm broken beyond mending
The world doesn't seem alive anymore
The world is counting down
The world won't be new for me
I think I'm gonna drown
A ruined butterfly, always there
A shard of bloody glass, pressed to my skin
All I am is made of you: Memories
I'm nothing and everything I've been
I feel hollow when I should feel bliss
I never thought life could be like this
I'm so trapped; I've made myself an iron chain
I feel so numb; the antidote: pain
Every bright color has faded to grey
Every time I sleep, I know
:iconxxxwiltingvioletxxx:XxXWiltingVioletXxX 3 0




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